What sets TNG’s consulting apart from the rest?

The Nevaeh Group’s focus can be summed up in three words: respect individual differences. As a boutique firm, we pride ourselves on designing and administering customized services to our clients – with an emphasis on cultivating organizational diversity at every level.

While our team is comprised of professionals who have seen, managed and supported countless organizations from education and healthcare to corporate sectors, what your organization will receive from TNG will be unlike any other program or training received by our previous clients.

Does TNG only work with organizations, large businesses and schools?

Absolutely not! Our clients range from individuals to higher education institutions. Our trainings are tailored to support you at every level of organization: from micro to macro, from the individuals to the large team.

How can The Nevaeh Group help my organization?

With over 30 year of combined experience, we have learned to recognize the obstacles to organizational growth and goal attainment. Additionally, we are experienced in noticing the small nuances that make a huge difference. Here is a small sample of how we can help your organization:

  • Assess, Improve & Implement diversity strategies
  • Achieve measurable results by establishing or improving diversity programs
  • Talent recruitment, development and retention
  • Engage your team in strategic diversity initiatives
  • Identify viable, personalized strategies for conflict resolution
  • Multi-cultural exposure through intercultural educational opportunities for individuals and groups

How is pricing determined?

Our fees are based on the following:

  • project objectives
  • allotted time schedules
  • scope of the work
  • Intricacies and extensiveness of your organization’s needs

We have developed a seamless process for assessing each client’s case and designing the appropriate proposal. We know that coaching and training are not always the solutions required, and remain flexible in providing the appropriate tools to help you achieve your organizational goals.

Are The Nevaeh Group’s methods backed by qualitative or quantitative research?

We find that both qualitative and quantitative research has its place in substantiating our applied strategies.

Qualitative research methods are useful for:

  • understanding and interpreting social interactions
  • producing complete and detailed descriptions of phenomenon
  • stimulating thoughtful discussion (e.g. exploratory research via focus groups,etc.)
  • identifying and interpreting social patterns among groups of people

Quantitative research methods are useful for:

  • testing hypotheses
  • studying causal relationships
  • classifying features and constructing statistical models
  • obtaining large sample sizes of a target population

Thus, TNG utilizes research from both categories to support our methods.

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