The Summer Cultural Immersion Experience (SCIE) is a 5-day intensive for open-minded high school students interested in learning the frequently-omitted history of Blacks in the American South.

While we focus on the ancestral roots of the descendants of the African Diaspora, we welcome all groups to join in this experience. The program is loosely based on the principles of Kwanzaa, and is held at the historic Middleton Place – America’s oldest landscaped gardens and plantation stable yards.

The Experience

During this excursion, your child will

  • Live in a room with other students
  • Participate in engaging group workshops
  • Eat meals communally
  • Explore the true southern roots of African American/Black peoples
  • Engage in a service learning project
  • Have access to nationally-renowned speakers/facilitators
  • Meet in small groups to process the day’s sessions

Program Outcomes

SCIE is a transformational program designed to convey the historical perspective of Blacks in America through the lens of those who identify with the group, as well as their allies. Upon the completion of this 5-day immersion program, participants will be able to do the following:

  • Develop their own frame of cultural reference utilizing the theories of at least 3 researchers
  • Identify the Nguzo Saba and explain the importance of Black history
  • Develop a campus community plan of action for a service project
  • Implement theory to practice on their respective campuses

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