The Black Male and Female Symposiums are designed to engage Black students in a cultural enrichment experience that will aid in their holistic development, improving their ability to work together interdependently within their communities – and in the world at large.

The theme, “I am because we are,” reflects identity awareness rooted in the best of Black American ancestral traditions.

The Experience

Participants in this #-day experience can expect to grow through:

  • Stimulating dialogue around gender roles within the Black community
  • Team building exercises to build trust, and begin the healing process from generational rifts.
  • Listening to – and interacting with – dynamic nationally-renowned presenters, as well as each other.

Program Outcomes

At the conclusion of this symposium, students will have:

  • Identified personal and collective hindrances to working together collectively across sexes.
  • Developed a strategic and practical plan of action for enacting positive change within their personal and professional lives.
  • Understood the connection between healthy male-female relationships to the overall success of their lives and the lives of their community members.

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