A “safe zone” is a space where one can speak openly about her/his experience as a marginalized person without being judged. It is a space where a member of any marginalized group feels valued through compassion, support, understanding and acceptance.

The “Let’s Talk” Safe Zone Ally Training: Part 1 – Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, and Our Youth

This portion of the Safe Zone Ally Training is designed to reduce “isms” and phobias around any chosen sexual gender and/or orientation by raising awareness of how these blind spots can impact individuals in our community.

This interactive workshop is designed for groups to connect with one another while sharing valuable information.

“Let’s Talk” Series: Part 2 – Safeguarding your Community

This portion of the series addresses:

  • Bullying – definition and types
  • De-escalating aggressive behavior
  • Techniques to increase safety within communities
  • Ways to bring about sustainable change

The Experience

Participants can expect to insightful presentations, and lively interactive activities and discussions regarding:

  • The mistreatment of marginalized groups/individuals
  • The history of discrimination towards certain sexual genders and orientations
  • Ways to become effective allies
  • How these issues affect our youth
  • How these issues affect the community and the workplace

Program Outcome

By the end of this interactive series, participants will:

  • Know what a “safe zone” is and have the tools to cultivate safe zones in their communities.
  • Understand the history of homophobia, transphobia and other related “isms.”
  • Have a practical plan for deescalating aggressive behavior.
  • Be prepared to be strong allies to targeted communities.