Our Programs

We offer an array of programs to help you achieve your diversity goals, increase workplace satisfaction and succeed in organizational management.

Our programs fall into two categories:

  1. Intercultural Educational Opportunities. These programs are for students and community members, and are aimed at fortifying a positive identity through collaboration, education and conversation.
  2. Workplace Development Opportunities. These programs are designed to help you increase diversity, enhance workplace harmony and achieve organizational goals.

The Nevaeh Group’s trainings specialize in:

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Ethnocultural Empathy (cultural humility, unconscious bias, cultural sensitivity)
  • Working Effectively with Historically Bypassed Individuals
  • Building Authentic Cross-Cultural Relationships
  • Faith-based Cultural Inclusion
  • Effectual Institutional Change
  • Addressing Healthcare Disparities
  • Building Culturally-Sensitive Teams/Environments
  • Strategic Planning and Assessment
  • Student Affairs Administration and Management
  • Workforce recruitment and retention
  • Collective Impact Management
  • Operational Efficiency