Mission:  The Nevaeh Group (TNG) is a consultation group focused on assisting corporate and educational clients in achieving their diversity goals. We work collaboratively with our clients to develop diversity based initiatives. TNG assists our clients in identifying trends and or impediments that may affect their business, as well as in collaborating to develop a plan to eliminate those obstacles.

  1. Providing overall diversity consultation for individuals, K-12 schools, higher education institutions;
  2.  Designing diversity cultural assessments to provide organizational culture and develop custom strategies for meeting those needs. 
  3. Developing organizational management strategies. 
  4. Developing personalized strategies to effectively increase diversity in the workplace;
  5. Identifying workable, personalized solutions for conflict in the workplace.
  6. Providing diversity and inclusion integration within the culture of the workplace.
  7. Providing services to diverse clientele; 
  8. Offering multiple intercultural educational opportunities for individuals and groups to explore and respect the individual differences of those in the workplace.
  9. Reviewing resumes, cover letters and curriculum vitaes to maximize each client’s employment opportunities.

Strategic Diversity planning encompasses an understanding of a client’s long term diversity goals. It is important to accurately and adequately communicate the long term goals throughout the organization and ensure the members of the organization are vested in the initiative.

The Nevaeh Group’s individualized assessments help our clients gauge where they are so that together we are able to assess where they need to go. We design custom assessments (organizational, group and personal) that explore the overall organizational culture and create strategies for meeting those needs. Through partnership and consultation, we harness the strengths of proven methodologies and strategies. We then present this information in a format this is conducive to the goals and objectives of the organization.

The Nevaeh Group helps companies:

  • Vet current diversity strategies
  • Establish or improve diversity programs that produce measurable results that further company’s talent development, recruitment and retention, and employee engagement
  • Critically examine current diversity programs to evaluate effectiveness 
  • Work to engage employees in strategic diversity initiatives.