The Nevaeh (Nă vā ăh) Group (TNG) is a collective of talented professionals that offer expert training to small groups, businesses and organizations. Each member of this dynamic group is knowledgeable, dedicated and experienced in training and coaching within their specific field.

The Nevaeh Group provides customized education and business consulting services to small groups and larger organizations. With application, our services will help you:

  • Improve work efficacy
  • Cultivate a more enriched work environment
  • Maximize – without depleting – your human resources.

We pride ourselves on providing high quality service in a spirit of integrity.


We provide customized higher education and professional development coaching services to individual schools as well as school districts. Our goal is twofold:

  1. Increase teacher effectiveness and
  1. Improve student performance.

Our coaches have expertise at all levels of education ranging from grade school to post-graduate and corporate educational programs. We offer this training to individuals, small groups and large teams.


TNG provides customized consulting services through:

  • Personal Coaching
  • Staff Training Workshops
  • Organizational Analyses
  • Solution Design

Our goal is to help your organization realize its vision while cultivating the very best in you and your team – personally and professionally. We believe success happens when business goals and objectives align with our clients’ needs and missions.


The Nevaeh Group exists to strengthen business dynamics in the corporate and educational sectors by administering strategic coaching and planning to help organizations achieve – and surpass – their diversity goals.

We work with individuals, small groups and large teams at all stages of growth and development – from start-ups to established organizations.

We are committed to supporting thriving business environments that RESPECT INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES. It is our goal to build a program that is congruent with your company’s culture and style.